Our bookkeeping services can be modified to fit any businesses needs no matter the type or size.

Famos Consulting offers basic bookkeeping services including:

  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
    • Verifying all entries
    • Identifying fraudulent transactions
  • Payable entries
    • Posting vendor invoices
    • Managing cheque runs
  • Receivables entries
    • Billing customers
    • Payment receipt & deposit
    • Chasing late payments
  • Payroll data entry
    • Managing time cards
    • Preparing pay stubs
  • Government Reporting
    • GST
    • PST
    • Source Deductions
    • Fuel Charge
  • Stakeholder Reporting
    • Shareholders
    • Bank Margining Reports
    • Customer Spend Reports
    • Vendor Management

Benefits of Using a Professional Bookkeeping Service:

  1. Shift Your Focus to Your Business Model
    • Using a professional bookkeeping service can help you focus on your own business model. Having monthly financial reports can help you understand the direction you would like to go with your business. Meticulous data entry can take up a lot of your time which could be spent on focusing on business development and growth.
  2. Know Your Financial Situation
    • Using a professional bookkeeper will provide you with monthly financial statements, this will help you have a better understanding of your company’s financial situation.
    • Providing up-to-date reports can increase relations with banks and investors.
  3. Lower Costs
    • Using an external professional bookkeeper will lower your business costs by avoiding the costs of payroll taxes, employee benefits, and paid vacation. Additionally, a professional bookkeeper can help lower costs by looking out for cost saving opportunities.
  4. Be Prepared for Tax Season
    • With all of your financial statements, receipts, and reports in one place – when your year end is approaching, everything will be prepared for the accountant.
  5. Personalized Programs
    • Famos Consulting can modify our bookkeeping service to fit your business model. As your company grows we will continue to modify the service to fit your exact business needs. No matter your business size or type Famos Consulting can build a plan to help your business excel and grow.

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