Famos Consulting offers virtual Chief Financial Officer services tailored to meet your business needs:

  • Payables – processing purchases, vendor payment processing
  • Receivables – invoicing, issuing statements, payment processing & deposit, following up for overdue payments
  • Inventory Control – periodic counts, audits
  • Payroll Processing
  • Human Resources – WCB reporting, onboarding/offboarding, Records of Employment
  • Benefit Management – employee additions & changes, annual reviews
  • Financial Reporting – periodic reports for stakeholders
  • Tax Filing – NRK, GST, PST and Source Deductions
  • Budgeting – periodic for internal or external use
  • Process Development – developing and documenting procedures to improve data processing
  • Safety – developing & maintaining safety programs
  • Data Management – implementing data systems

Benefits of Chief Financial Officer Services:

  1. Increased Cash Flow
    • A virtual CFO can help increase business cash flow by having the time and resources to allocate to your business needs. Often employees and business owners do not have the time to focus on all of the internal aspects of a business such as: payables, receivables, inventory, payroll, financial reporting, etc…Using a CFO can give you peace of mind that these aspects are being taken care of and your businesses cash flow if maximized at all times.
  2. An Outside Perspective
    • Using a Virtual CFO adds an outside perspective to your business. By understanding your business goals, a Virtual CFO can make a plan to help you execute these goals by creating a strategic plan.
  3. Consistent Reporting
    • Using a CFO will ensure you have your monthly reports. Reports are essential to understanding your businesses strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Lower Costs
    • Outsourcing a CFO can lower your business costs by avoiding the costs of payroll taxes, employee benefits, and paid vacation. Additionally, a CFO can help lower costs by looking out for cost saving opportunities.
  5. Grows With You
    • Famos Consulting Virtual Chief Financial Officer Services will create a plan that fits your business model in the beginning, and will continue to grow and modify that plan to your business as it grows.

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